Heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are designed for continuous operation during many years, although to achieve this, regular maintenance service must be performed, seals and plates of the plate heat exchangers must be replaced with regular intervals. Given that heat exchangers are exposed to impacts of aggressive environments and high and low temperatures and often operate close to the limits of their capacities, some of their components wear out fast. In particular, heat exchanger seals should be replaced once in every five years, and heat exchanger plates in case of need. Timely replacement of worn-out components will ensure uninterrupted working of your heat exchanger, and the life cycle of the heat exchanger will be longer.
It is possible to supply seals of the particular material you need: NITRIL, VITON, NBR, EPDM, NBRHT.

Gaskets of plate heat exchangers
Plates for heat exchangers
Components and spare parts for heat exchangers


A10, A10B, A15, A15B, A15BW, A20, A20B, A3 / P30, A35, AK20, Am10, Am20, AX30, CLIP10, CLIP6, CLIP8, H10, H7, JWP 26, M10, M15, M20, M30, M3, M6, MX25, P12, P13 / P135, P132, P14 / L1, P15, P16, P17, P20, P225, P26, P31, P32, P36, P41, P45, P5, PAR01, PAR22, T200, TS6M, Nirex JWP 36, Nirex JWP 26, Nirex JWP 16


AO55, AO85, CHF130, FFPE, H12, H17, HMB, HX, J060, J092, J107, J185, JUNIOR, K34, K55, K71, LD9, LR9, M107, M185, M60, M92, N35, N50, P105, P190, QO30, QO55, QO80, R10, R106, R14, R145, R23, R235, R40, R405, R5, R55, R6, R66, R8GI, SD9, SR9, SR14, SR15, SR1, SR2, SR23, SR3, SR6, SR9, SR95, T4, TR9, WHX, B063S, B158S, B205S, J60, J060, M60, M060


FA157, FA159, FA161, FA184, FA184WG, FA192NG, FA192WG, N40L, VT10, VT1306, VT1309, VT130F, VT130K, VT20, VT40, VT80


S8, S15, S20, S30, S38, S39, S50, S65, S100, S120


G102, G108, G153, G157, G158, G234, G52, G58, G65, GC65, GF138, GF257, GF276, GF59, GX100, GX12, GX18, GX26, GX42, GX51, GX64, GX91, HX145, HX180, HX205, HX25, HX265, HX50, HX85, MF138, MF257, MF276, MF56, MF59, UX10, UX80

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